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From CENTCOM’s greatest hits to 8000m peaks, our gear stands the test of time. We share a history with CiloGear, and hold true to the same unconventional, uncompromising design philosophy.

Welcome to CG STRATEGIC.

Real World Solutions in Pack Technology

Field tested, mother approved. Packs that are craft-manufactured to work right the first time in the field or at home, in the back of a plane or on the side of a mountain.



The CG Strategic 26Z Tactical WorkSack developed from our 26Z Alpine Team WorkSack, and grew into a more general purpose zip top pack to carry on short jaunts.

The 26Z Tactical WorkSack has 3 PALS stripes on the low sides of the pack and 2 PALS stripes across the upper half of the front panel. The pack does NOT have the lower attachments to carry ice tools or ice axes, but we have a version that does. The pack has fixed shoulder straps and load lifters. It is designed to ride high against plates, using the plates themselves as the frame system. A hipbelt is not recommended with this pack as the pack rides quite high on the user's body.

We carry other colors. Please contact us at for more information on what we can currently make in different colors or patterns.

34 L Comms

Designed to work with our Radio Frame, the CG Strategic 34L Comms' Pack provides unprecedented flexibility for JTACs, keeping weight down while providing a multiplicity of ports to allow antennas and cables out of the pack. Just the right amount of PALS on the front and side panels allow the operator to add a few key pouches.

Outside of the 34L Comms Pack, you'll find two stretch woven pockets for carrying stuff handy from a water bottle to a range finder or mags. Inside, two stash pockets fit hydration bladders and other handy things.

The pack has our signature Ninja Pocket which doubles as an orange flash. All materials inside of the pack are chosen for maximum visibility without compromising signature management. All buckles and webbing are IR compliant, and we use only the superior woven Jacquard MultiCam webbing from Murdoch -- it does not fade or turn white and it's really robust.

This pack does not include the Radio Frame or the front pouch, which is sold separately. The shoulder straps are removable, allowing the pack to be used with an ALICE frame.

40 Sniper

From a Mk 20 to a Mk 13, the 40 Sniper Pack discretely carries a weapon system and your basic kit. While it comes with our super light & super strong eGlass frame system, you could use it with an Alice frame should you so desire. Please specify whether you want the tight or the wide shoulder straps. The tight shoulder straps will ride outside your plate carrier, while the fatties are big and fat and wide.

CG Strategic developed the 40 Sniper Pack specifically to carry the large precision weapon systems fielded by SOCOM, such as the MK-20 and the MK-13. The pack is robust yet light. We included all the special sauce that makes a CG Strategic pack just right.

The weapon system can be carried diagonally or vertically as the user determines optimal. With diagonal carry, the only pack on the market with this, the user has unimpeded movement of the head while still being able to easily take a knee. The pack is both a top loader and provides easy front access through the #10 YKK zipper on the front. The pack possesses significant internal organizational capabilities without adding too much junk or extraneous pockets. The pack can be stripped of the frame system, the weapon catch, the hipbelt & lid and all straps. The shoulder straps are adjustable in length to fit plates.

The framesheet and gun caddy are both thermoformable to provide optimal retention and tight carry: after all the goal is that no matter what the user is doing, the gun should not move.

77 Sustainment Worksack

Sustainment loads suck. This pack does not. It's about 6 pounds all in, with our superior dual density foam, stiff & light eGlass framesheet and bivy pad of course all the straps. The lid is actually our26Z Alpine Team Pack, a fully functional pack on its own.


PRC-163 Radio Pouch

Designed for use under the cummerbund with padding for pinch protection and heat shielding so the radio doesn’t burn you. Also compatible with PRC-148/152

PRC-161 BATS-D Radio Pouch

Designed specifically for the unique thermal, electromagnetic, and form factor requirements of the Handheld Link-16 Radio.

AFMP Mag Pouch

Single-stack M4 mag pouch with Tegris stiffeners and removable bungee retention.

General Pouch

Extra GPS? Signal mirror? Crashes? Frags? Food? Choose your own adventure.

Carl G. Pouch

Lightweight pouch that collapses after the round is removed. Also offers primer protection, so no more taping cardboard/milk cartons to the round!

AW Pouch

Compatible with MK 48, MK 46 & M249 SAW.

Admin Pouch

PowerPoint isn’t required on the OBJ, yet, but in lieu of that we offer you this admin pouch to store all your admin goodies.


Slimline Med

Slim, flat, zero hiccup, zero excess storage to secure the basic medical essentials during low-vis operations.

IFAK Butt-Pack

A true butt pack for your IFAK kit, can double as a general-purpose pouch.

GP Butt-Pack

Larger than the IFAK butt-pack with minor internal storage to keep whatever you need cleanly and clearly organized.

Med Bag

All the wonderful stuff for CASEVAC, MEDEVAC, or any other flavor of TCCC that you can think of...

plate carriers

Are your traps really the best place to carry most of the weight of your plate carrier? Can nothing be done about your front plate sagging down due to the mags and radios? We’d argue not. Stay tuned...



The Overwatch Support System—in other words a butt just off the ground stool or camp chair—delivers enhanced situational awareness and substantially decreases fatigue during demanding overwatch activities. With kit friendly back support stiffeners and substantial vented insulation, the OSS excels for users, whether Snipers, JTACs or “The Boss”, in overwatch and remote positions during long, potentially boring periods playing frogger on your Android as you wait for the plan to change. Cup holder, sunglass sleeve sold separately.


Whole blood transport solutions? Low-vis weapons carrying options? Carl G round pouches with integrated primer protection? Something really cool we don’t even know about? Contact us at info@cgstrategic.com, we have a proven ability to hit budget constraints and enjoy unique requirements.

Giving Back

Good dudes deserve good gear. They put out for their country and their boys, so CG Strategic is stoked to put out for them in a small way by designing and making specialty packs for their Mt. Baker climb. Real brotherhood extends beyond sunny days at the range and grim nights at wakes, and these boys live it.


CiloGear has a long-standing history of award-winning design innovation; from being recognized by Alpinist Magazine’s Mountain Standards, to Best Climbing Packs of 2020 by Switch Back Travel. CiloGear are master designers of the world’s lightest and strongest packs for top alpine climbers internationally. Fueled by the same design spirit, CiloGear began offering tactical and medical gear a decade ago. Since 2010, CiloGear’s tactical and medical packs have been used operationally worldwide to great acclaim.

The growth of CiloGear’s tactical and medical lines necessitated the creation of a separate entity focused solely on this user. In 2020, CiloGear designers partnered with SOF veterans to create CG Strategic; a purpose-built and solutions-driven company focused on innovation within the tactical and medical design and manufacturing space. Leveraging the CiloGear philosophy, CG Strategic products will maintain the same standards of modularity, necessity, and durability. We have an unmatched desire and ability to solve real problems for real operators. We are CG Strategic.